Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Perth Royal 2009 - Dog Dancing

Our judges did a great job at the Perth Royal Show my thanks to Debbie Hyde, Karren McCluskey and Paul Skewes, you made my life so easy, thanks guys.

There were 20 entries but we had four withdrawals (including mine) so 16 routines for our judges to mark.

HTM Starters
two entries no qualifiers

HTM Novice
three entries with two qualifiers
First Borderfame Hart To Hart CDX HTMS DWDFS with Anne Rowe an excellent routine to Theme For A Dream 165.1 points
Second T CH Cabochon Cold Day In Hell CD SPD AD JDX HTMS with Carol Freele another super heeling routine this time to Once Upon A time 140 points

HTM Intermediate
O CH Daheim Lucky Star ADM JDM ADO JDO with Amanda Houston a routine that really got the audience going as Amanda and Ben slowly appeared from behind the Gravestone!! their music was Thriller this was their TITLE 174.9 points

DWDF Starters
eight entries with five qualifiers
First and second were very close and the win went to Barcoo Up To Trix CD SPD AD JDX HTMS with Vicki Long to Lollipop and you should have seen the arena, weaving poles of giant candy sticks, a go out pole that was a giant lollipop and a step of licorice allsort it was great well done 155.6 points
second was not to be outdone the costume and props were great for Mahlangeni Angels Charli with Nadine Neethling dressed appropriately for Pirates Of The Carribean. I must say Nadine made a great Jack Sparrow this was their TITLE 153.9 points
third and fourth went to Marianne Rogers two super Border Collies T CH Christies Meghan Lee CDX ET ADM ADO JDO JDM their music was Barbara Anne 141.9 points and T CH Christies Cocoacina ET CDX JDO ADO ADM JDM to Dizzy 144.4 points and now both have their DWDF S TITLES. Congratulations and I must mention that added to this Marianne was giving demos at the Royal for the sheep herding and later this year will represent WA in Tasmania for sheepwork Championships. Very talented lady and dogs.
Fifth went to TCH Cabochon Cold Day In Hell with Carol Freele performing to Im Walking who had a busy time also at the show as she was there the previous evening with the Dobe club giving demos, so well done on promoting the dogs in a positive manner. 138.9 points

DWDF Novice
there were four entries but only two presented and they tied on 158.4 points on a countback the win made an excellent double tonight for Anne Rowe and Borderfame Hart To Hart to Follow Me in second spot was Alente Jemima with Amanda Houston performing to The Wonderful Thing
About Tiggers and TITLE

DWDF Intermediate
again saw O CH Daheim Lucky Star and Amanda Houston again their TITLE on 173.3 points this time channeling Elvis with JailHouse Rock

It was a great evening and the whole event was watched by a couple of RAS councilors who were spun out and loved it. One of them stayed until the end even though he was due at a VIP function.

Jill Houston WA

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