Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tracking Trial - 12th September 2009

For the last trial for 2009, the weather gods really turned it on with very blustery, gusty winds and showers. The more experienced dogs handled the conditions well but the "beginners" had a lot of trouble. All the dogs that passed (and their handlers) deserve a special pat on the back.

Passes were:
Track 7
Eileen Phillips and Beau (StaffyXKelpie) *** T Ch Title ***
Anne Cameron and Mhadaigh Im Xtra Special (Golden Retriever) ***T Ch Title***

Sonja Bowditch and Bella (Labrador X) ***TDX Title***

Mara Hope and Thor (German Shepherd)
Nyree Lally and Tanderra (Standard Poodle)
Lauren Ferguson and Bogan (Beagle)

Mara Hope and Misty (German Shepherd)

TD 3
Karren McCluskey and Rosie (Border Collie) ***TD Title***

TD 2
Eileen Phillips and Shea (Kelpie X)

TD 1
Di Bolger and Zac (German Shepherd)
Anne Cameron and Holly (Golden Retriever)

Thanks to Judy Tsakalos for recording these results.

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