Monday, May 31, 2010

2nd of 4 Track and Search Trial Results 23/5/10

Here are the results of today's Track & Search Dog Trial (open only to dogs who have a Tracking Champion Title, hence the level of difficulty of the tracks is very high). Very windy but not wet. All dogs handled the conditions well but the dampness brought up animal scents that for some of them were just too tempting. Entry of 9, 4 passes. The urban track is a track through the streets (this time in Wanneroo)

Passes were

TSDX Test 5 (urban track) Sue Fletcher and T Ch Seigen Sonly Barney (GSD}

TSDX Test 4 Leone Holdsworth and Triple Ch Aldahoven High Flyer (GSD)

TSD Test 3 Jim Spence and T Ch Gelderland Youre My Idol (Rottweiler) **** TSD Title ****

TSD Test 3 Glenys Nottle and T Ch Cymtaran Manhon (Corgi) **** TSD Title ****

Saturday, May 15, 2010

1st of 8 Tracking Trial Results 15/05/10

For our first Tracking Trial of the year we had a cold sunny day with very little wind. Dew made the ground damp to begin with – ideal tracking conditions. There were 14 entries with 6 passes.

Passes were:

TDX Track 6: Antonia Baker and Swanvalley Aramis (Cleo) (dobermann) *** TDX Title ***
TD Track 2 Antonia Baker and Bravadobe In Ecstasy (Emma) (dobermann)
TD Track 2 Anne Cameron and Mhadaidh Christmas Holly (Golden Retriever)
TD Track 2 Leone Holdsworth’s Hinterhaus French Connection (Elsa) (GSD) Handler: Jim Spence
TD Track 1 Jodie Auld and Gunclip Smokey Jade (Drift) (Weimaraner)
Track on: TD Track 3 Leone Holdsworth’s Hinterhaus French Connection (Elsa) (GSD) Handler: Jim Spence *** TD Title ***