Sunday, June 6, 2010

2nd of 8 Tracking Trial Results 5/6/10 & 9/6/10

Another beaut day for a tracking trial – light to no breeze, damp ground but not dewy moist, vegetation beginning to thicken usually making it an easier job for the dogs.

Saturdays Passes were: 15 passes from 21. ***7 TITLES***

TDX Track 6 Brian Glover with O Ch BRUVIC JUGGERNAUT TD ET (GSD) ***TDX TITLE***
TDX Track 6 Judy Tsakalos’ Alverpoint Mistress Luka CD TD (GSP) handled by Marilyn Dawson ***TDX TITLE***
TDX Track 6 Lauren Ferguson with Bogan TD (Beagle) ***TDX TITLE***
TDX Track 6 Valeta Pethrick with Seigen Im Impressive (GSD) ***TDX TITLE***
TDX Track 4 Nyree Lally with Preissi CDX ADM JDM TD ET (Std Pdle)
TDX Track 4 Carol Freele with Dobenair Bombay Dreams DC AD JD TD ET (Dobermann)
TDX Track 4 Leone Holsdworths' Hinterhaus French Connection (GSD)handled by Jim Spence
TD Track 3 Anne Cameron with Mhadaidh Special Ella (Golden Retriever) ***TD TITLE***
TD Track 3 Anne Cameron with Mhadaidh Christmas Holly (Goldy) ***TD TITLE***
TD Track 3 Eileen Phillips with Shae (Kelpie X)***TD TITLE***
TD Track 2 Jodie Auld with Gunclip Smokey Jade (Weimaraner)
TD Track 1 Angelika Chalwell with Mac’s Flick
TD Track 1 Jacquie Humphrey with Patch (Foxy x JRT)
TD Track 1 Lauren Ferguson with Gunclip Thunderstruck (Weimaraner)
TD Track 1 Angelika Chalwell with Marionvale Geri (kelpie)