Sunday, August 15, 2010

Final of 4 Track and Search Results 14th & 15th August 2010

Passes were:

TSDX Track 6 Leone Holdsworth’s Triple Ch Aldahoven High Flyer UD TSD ET (GSD) Handled by Denise Kevan *** TITLE ***
TSDX Track 5 Jim Spence with T Ch Gelderland Youre My Idol TDS (Rottweiler)
TSD Track 2 Faye Gretton with T Ch Tia CD AD JD (Standard Poodle)
TSD Track 1 Sonya Pfister with Dual Ch (T) Flatterhaft Kajsa Bergqvist (Imp Swd) CD ET
TSD Track 1 Kim Jackson with T Ch Bella CD AD JD (Labrador)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

B&DDC Agility Trial 08.08.10 Results

Novice Agility
no qualifiers

Excellent Agility
no qualifiers

Open Agility
1st 300 - Dylan, S Yearsley
1st 500 - Snazzy, C Snook
2nd 500 - Lilli, L Poprzeczny
3rd 500 - Terra, K Cumming
4th 500 - Nifty, S Hogben

Masters Agility
1st 500, Diva, J Pearson

Novice Jumping
no qualifiers

Excellent Jumping
no qualifiers

Open Jumping
no qualifiers

Masters Jumping
1st 500 - Snazzy, C Snook
2nd 500 - Diva, J Pearson
3rd 500 - Terra, K Cumming
4th 500 - Axl, S Tolhurst
5th 500 - Alex, C Snook
1st 300 - Annie, D Russell

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6th of 8 Tracking Trial Results 7th & 11th August 2010

Passes and Titles were:

Champion Track7 Lauren Ferguson with T Ch Bogan (Beagle) ***Tracking Champion TITLE***
Champion Track7 Leone Holdsworth with T Ch Hinterhaus French Connection (GSD) Handled by Jim Spence ***Tracking Champion***
Champion Track7 Louise Crawford with Laubrokdane Georgia TDX (Great Dane) ***Tracking Champion***
TDX Track 6 Anne Cameron with Mhadaidh Christmas Holly TDX (Golden Retriever) ***TDX TITLE***
TDX Track 6 Carol Freele with Dobenaire Bombay Dreams CD AD JD TD ET HTMS DWDFS (Dobermann) ***TDX TITLE***
TDX Track 5 Jacquie Humphrey with Patch TD (Foxy x JRT)
TDX Track 4 Anne Cameron with Mhadaidh Special Ella TD (Golden Retriever)
TD Track 3 Marra Apgar with Grandwest Isura Joy (GSD) *** TD TITLE***
TD Track 3 Deb Keogh with Freinhauf Crowd Control CD HTM.N (GSD) *** TD TITLE***
TD Track 2 Karren McCluskey with Tookurra Braveheart (BC)
TD Track 2 Jess Holmes with Hausosin Harlequin (GSD)
TD Track 1 Geraldine Jenkins with Ch Erlander Ukanna Everard UD ET (Belgian Shepherd Tervueren)