Sunday, April 25, 2010

1st of 4 Track & Search Dog Trial Results 25/04/10

Being ANZAC Day, we could not start the first Track & Search Dog Trial for the year until 1.00 pm which meant the dogs were tracking in warm and quite windy conditions. They all handled the conditions very well; the same probably couldn’t be said for the tracklayers and handlers ! There were 8 entries and 4 passes.

Passes were:

TSDX Track 4: Sue Fletcher and T Ch Seigen Sonly Barney (GSD)
TSD Track 2 Jim Spence and T Ch Gelderland Youre My Idol (Rottweiler)
TSD Track 2 Glenys Nottle and T Ch Cymtaran Manhon (Corgi)
TSD Track 1 Eileen Phillips and T Ch Beau (Staffy X)