Thursday, July 29, 2010

5th of 8 Tracking Trial Results 24th & 28th July 2010

10 passes; 8 different breeds of dog.

TDX Track 6 Marilyn Dawson with Dancinggate Taylor Glowe CCD TD (Flat coated retriever) ***TDX TITLE***
TDX Track 6 Karren McCluskey with Tookurra Desert Rose TD (BC) ***TDX TITLE***
TDX Track 6 Eileen Phillips with Shae AD JD TDX (Kelpie X) ***TDX TITLE***
TD Track 5 Anne Cameron with Mhadaidh Christmas Holly TD (Golden Retriever)
TD Track 4 Jacquie Humphrey with Patch TD (Foxy x JRT)
TD Track 3 Christine Weetman with Riley CDX AD JD ET (Weimaraner) ***TDX TITLE***
TD Track 3 Lauren Ferguson with Ch Gunclip Thunderstruck (Weimaraner) *** TD TITLE ***
TD Track 2 Louise Crawford with Baylord Walks The Line (Bloodhound)
TD Track 2 Deb Keogh with Freinhauf Crowd Control CD HTM.N (GSD)
TD Track 1 Jess Holmes with Hausosin Harlequin (GSD)

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