Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tracking Trial - 8th August 2009

25 entries, 16 passes

Passes were:
Track 7 Carol Freele and Angel (Dobermann) ****Tracking Champion Title****
Track 7 Glenys Nottle and Manhon (Corgi) **** Tracking Champion Title ****
TDX 6 Anne Cameron and Maddy (Golden Retriever) *** TDX Title ***
TDX 5 Kim Jackson and Bella (Labrador)
TDX 5 Brian Glover and Vic (German Shepherd)
TDX 5 Sonja Bowditch and Bella (Labrador X)
TDX 5 Louise Crawford and Georgia (Great Dane)
TDX 4 Antonia Baker and Cleo (Dobermann)
TDX 4 Lauren Ferguson and Bogan (Beagle)
TD 3 Carol Freele and Inde (Dobermann) ***TD Title***
TD 3 Marilyn Dawson and Rebel (Flatcoated Retriever) ***TD Title***
TD 3 Chris Cyster and Bruvic Juvarra (German Shepherd) ***TD Title***
TD 2 Lee Hewson and Cooper (Foxhound)
TD 1 Karren McCluskey and Rosie (Border Collie)
TD 1 Deb Keogh and Freinhauf Crowd Control (German Shepherd)
TD 1 Anne Cameron and Ella (Golden Retriever)

Thanks Judy Tsakalos for sending results in.

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