Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tracking Trial - 25th July 2009

Another terrific day in the pines ! A good day’s tracking with a large entry (25), lots of passes and a Christmas in July lunch (thanks to Beth and Jim Spence and Jim’s mobile kitchen)

Congratulations to Marianne Rogers for achieving her Tracking Champion title with Bernie – she now has three Tracking Champions (in case she ever gets lost ! ) Congratulations as well to our smallest (a tiny Shih-tsu X) and largest (a Great Dane) dogs, both of whom passed their tracks today.

Passes were:

Track 7 - Marianne Rogers and Bernie (Border Collie) **** Tracking Champion Title ****

TDX 6 - Jim Spence and Kiera (owned by Caroline Hille) (Border Collie X) *** TDX Title ***

TDX 5 - Valeta Pethrick and Caddie (German Shepherd)

TDX 5 - Anne Cameron and Maddie (Golden Retriever)

TDX 4 - Sonja Bowditch and Bella (Labrador X)

TDX 4 - Louise Crawford and Georgia (Great Dane)

TDX 4 - Kim Jackson and Bella (Labrador)

TDX 4 - Brian Glover and Vic (German Shepherd)

TD 3 - Nyree Lally and Preissi (Standard Poodle) *** TD Title ***

TD 3 - Nyree Lally and Tanderra (Standard Poodle) *** TD Title ***

TD 3 - Antonia Baker and Cleo (Dobermann) *** TD Title ***

TD 2 - Marilyn Dawson and Rebel (Flatcoated Retriever)

TD 1 - Lee Hewson and Cooper (English Foxhound)

TD 1 - Natalie Fry and Chelsea (Shih-tsu X)

14 passes out of 25 entrants.

Results by Judy Tsakalos

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