Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tracking Trial - Saturday 16th May 2009

Test 7 Sonja Pfister and Flatterhaft Kajsa Bergovist
*** Tracking Champion Title ^^^ (Flatcoat Retriever)
Test 6 Fay Gretton and Tia ^^^ TDX Title ^^^ (Standard Poodle)
Test 5 Marianne Rogers and Bellview Obie Bernie (Border Collie)
Test 5 Carol Freele and Cabochon Cold Day Inhell (Dobermann)
Test 4 Marilyn Retamal and Buddy (Irish Wolfhound X)
Test 4 Glenys Nottle and Cymtaran Manhon (Corgi)
Test 3 Helen Barton and Vonzennith Arras *** TD Title *** (Rottweiler)
Test 2 Nyree Lally and Tanderra (Standard Poodle)
Test 2 Sonja Bowditch and Bella (Standard Poodle)
Test 1 Valeta Pethrick and Seigen Im Impressive (German Shepherd)
Test 1 Antonia Baker and Swanvalley Aramis (Dobermann)
Test 1 Nyree Lally and Preissi (Standard Poodle )

I have included the breeds because people seem to like to know. Total entry was 23. In the hot and extremely dry conditions (many tracks were almost entirely on sand with a sparse covering of very dry - as in crackling under foot - pine needles) a pass rate of just over 50% is excellent.

Results/Comments from Judy Tsakalos.

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